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Elder Law Attorneys in Maplewood, MN

Guardianships & Conservatorships

When a person becomes incapable of making decisions about themselves or their property due to incapacitation or other health issues, the State of Minnesota offers legal remedies for handling the situation. These include the creation of conservatorships and guardianships on behalf of incapacitated individuals. Guardianships and conservatorships differ in that guardianships allow one individual to make personal decisions for another individual, including determining where they will live and receive medical care; conservatorships, however, allow the Conservator to manage the incapacitated person's estate and make financial decisions on their behalf. In order to establish either a guardianship or a conservatorship, a person needs to first file a petition with the courts. If the courts decide that such a step is warranted, they will appoint a guardian or conservator. If you are seeking to create a conservatorship or guardianship or have been
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named a conservator or guardian in the State of Minnesota, Let a reliable Ramsey County guardianships and conservatorships lawyer help guide you through the process. Persons involved in Guardianships need assistance with rights and obligations of the respondent. Contact Snyder Law Office and schedule a consultation with an experienced St. Paul guardianships and conservatorships attorney who can assist you in understanding your rights and what is expected of you under Minnesota state law.

Elder Law

When Mother or Dad need additional care beyond your knowledge or experience come to an attorney who understands your legal needs and can assist in life transitions. Snyder Law Office can help assist you in protecting your loved ones life savings and in transferring between medical or housing facilities or securing property and assets. Our St. Paul Attorneys can help you with a Power of Attorney, Will, Healthcare Directive, Living Will, Supplemental Needs Trust or Special Needs Trust, Advance funeral directive and Long term care transitions.
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Have you recently found you are a personal representative in a Will or nominated by a Will in the State of Minnesota? We can help you understand what is expected of you and see that you carry out your duties according to the letter of the law. Probate works as follows: in order for an estate to become legally settled following a death, the will of the deceased individual usually must pass through probate court. This process is overseen by a Probate Referee, Judge or Registrar and the personal representative, or executor, is the responsible person who is either named in the will or else appointed by the court. Probate includes Informal Probate, Formal Probate proceedings. Heirs may also need an Affidavit of Collection or a Bank Safety Deposit Search affidavit. Issues arise in probate involving Guardianship's of Minors, Creditor Claims, Accounting's, Taxation of the Estate, Personal Representative deeds and Disclaimers. The duties of the personal
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representative include collecting and appraising the assets of the deceased, paying legitimate debts to creditors, and distributing the remainder of an estate to the heirs named in the will. In some cases, however, including when the value of a deceased person's assets are not substantial, or when they did not own any real property in their name alone, probate court may not be necessary. If no will or trust is in place at the time of a person's passing, the court may appoint a personal representative who then becomes responsible for overseeing the probate process according to the laws governing intestate succession in the State of Minnesota. If you have been named a personal representative in the will of a recently deceased person, or appointed one by the court, call Snyder Law Office to speak to an informed probate attorney. We can help you reduce the time and expense associated with probate court and may even be able to help you avoid it altogether. Contact Snyder Law Office to make an appointment with a knowledgeable St. Paul probate lawyer today.

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

To assure your property is distributed among your heirs in accordance with your wishes after your death? By establishing a comprehensive estate plan with the aid of a dedicated estate planning attorney, you can be sure to safeguard your property in an uncertain world. We believe the best time to get started on creating an estate plan is right now. We've spent over 20 years helping St. Paul and Ramsey County families make use of estate planning tools like wills, charitable trusts, special-needs trusts, advance healthcare directives, and powers of attorney, and we look forward to helping you do the same.

We're proud of our reputation for offering professional, affordable legal advice for our clients in estate planning matters. Don't rely on boilerplate forms or on other half-measures to protect your estate from fraud and unnecessary taxation.
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Partner with a friendly Minnesota estate planning lawyer who can help secure your peace of mind in your golden years and see that your wealth ends up where it belongs – in the hands of your loved ones.

Snyder Law Office offers experienced legal representation for Minnesota clients in estate planning matters, including, but not limited to:
  • Wills
  • All Kinds of trusts (including living trusts, testamentary trusts, charitable trusts, and special-needs trusts)
  • Medical or financial powers of attorney
  • Advance health care directives
  • Family and Farm Business Trusts
  • Cabin Trusts
  • Tax matters related to your estate

Real Estate Law

When you're tackling a major residential or commercial real estate transaction, it pays to have seasoned legal representation on your side. Since 1990, Snyder Law Office has been helping consumers and businesses in the State of Minnesota. James C Snyder enjoys safeguard their rights and their investments when engaging in substantial real estate transactions. Residents of Ramsey County know that we are a valuable legal resource for business and commercial property owners who are seeking to establish sound commercial management agreements. We can assist you in preparing deeds, Mortgages, TOD Deeds, Lease Agreements, Agriculture Leases and help when you are buying a home. We can help you with preparing and filing real estate transfer deeds as well as reviewing contracts related to the purchase or sale of a piece of real property. Along with overseeing transactions on behalf of our clients, we also represent them during negotiations or
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litigation related to real estate disputes. If you are involved in a tenant/landlord dispute or are a homeowner whose property is under threat of eviction or foreclosure, contact Snyder Law Office today to speak to a Ramsey County real estate attorney. We have helped numerous tenants, landlords, homeowners, and businesses effectively resolve real estate disputes in their favor and avoid becoming victims of unscrupulous real estate persons. Call a knowledgeable St. Paul real estate lawyer today to learn more about how we can help you.

Business Law

Are you an ambitious beginning entrepreneur or a seasoned established business owner, you can be helped by the counsel of a skilled St. Paul business law attorney. James C Snyder of Snyder Law Office offers legal tools that can help keep your business thriving in a competitive environment. Since 1990, we've been assisting in forming Corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and other business entities in the State of Minnesota. James C Snyder enjoys advising business persons on how to best protect themselves from needless taxes or personal liability. We also oversee buy/sell agreements and other business transactions for business owners as well as help them establish trademarks to safeguard their intellectual property. Furthermore, we represent Minnesota businesses in all kinds of litigation, including suits related to shareholder disputes, government contract disputes, fraud, and trademark infringement. We're confident that you'll find Snyder
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Law Office to be a helpful partner and adviser during litigation regardless of the side of the claim you find yourself standing on. Contact a reliable Ramsey County business law lawyer today.
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